Hatteras Hammocks

Hatteras Hammocks

Legendary Hammocks

The current Hatteras lineup of hammocks, expertly designed and hand-constructed, offer the highest quality in every facet
of design and construction. This perpetual pursuit has led to a truly uncommon approach to hammock-making, blending handcrafting and hand-weaving with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. It’s almost sinful relaxation!

Frequesntly Asked Questions

All of our hammocks are designed to hold up to 450 pounds. 

The ideal distance for hanging a hammock typically averages out to roughly 2 feet greater than the hammock’s total length from ring to ring. It’s best to plan on needing about 15 feet of open space to hang your hammock

For die-hard traditionalists, the only way to go is to sling their hammocks between two shady trees.
Not all yards allow for this, of course, and there are a number of other effective hanging possibilities:

  • Between a tree and a post set in concrete
  • Between a tree and a building
  • Between a building and a post set in concrete
  • Between two posts, both set in concrete
  • Between two buildings
  • On a porch or deck (permanent structures only)
  • On a factory-built stand