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Free Water Testing

Free Water Testing

Keep your water healthy and pleasant.

Simply complete this form, or just stop by our showroom any time with a water sample for your free water analysis! Once we receive your request, we’ll set aside a private time so that you can have your water professionally tested.  Maintaining clean and crystal clear water using the proper chemicals is very important for your enjoyment and safety.


All pool owners want a safe, clean and comfortable swimming environment. For this reason, we use various chemicals to keep the chemistry of the pool water in balance. Most pool owners have come to realize that the seemingly simple substance, H2O, can be surprisingly complex. Since swimming pools vary so widely in their behavior, it is important to examine the factors known to affect pool water, which can lead to problems if not dealt with properly. As the weather heats up and afternoon thunderstorms roll in, pool maintenance and upkeep tends to take on a new meaning. Chemicals are leached out of your pool due to three common summertime conditions – rainfall, hot temperatures and swimmer load. All three conditions require you to keep an eye on the chlorine level in your pool and regulate it weekly. If you manually feed chlorine into your pool, keep your automatic chlorinator full of TriChlor tablets and be sure to shock every 4 to 5 days. You should run your pump at least 15 hours daily to insure your water is properly filtered. If your pool is equipped with a salt generator, the percentage should be set at 40-75% (based on your pool size and usage) and also be prepared to shock with chlorine as needed. Using a weekly maintenance dose of our Premium III Algaecide will combat algae and help to keep your pool clear.


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