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Solar power financing

Let Us Help You Find the Right Solar Financing Option

More often than not, going solar makes good financial sense. However, the process doesn’t stop with simply deciding to go solar. Our team of solar consultants is ready to not only assist you in deciding which solar solution works best for your family, but also offer financing options.

We offer three ways to go solar—the choice is yours.

The Cash Purchase

Buying solar is straightforward and easy. Once a solar solution is agreed upon, a small down payment starts the project. The balance is due once the installation is complete.

The Prepaid Solar Lease

This solution is great for those who have the available cash to pay the lease up-front and have a qualifying credit score. The advantage is all potential tax incentives are applied to the lease thus lowering the cost, and there is no tax on a monthly payment. The result is no additional cash outlay, no maintenance, and no monitoring concerns.

The Solar Lease

This is an excellent opportunity to go solar with little to no money down. The lease has a convenient monthly payment that’s lower that your current electric bill. Customers love that the system’s components are guaranteed, and performance will always meet or exceed the manufacturer’s standard rating.